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Universal Sport Rugged Pouch on Ballistic's

You can keep your phone in pristine condition with this iPhone 4 case, just as good when you first unboxed it.Ballistic HC Series iPhone 4 Case 2Ballistic HC Series iPhone 4 Case is made with four levels of security with a built-in screen protector to boot. With this kind of protection, you are sure your iPhone 4 is safe from scratches, fingerprints, dust and drops.It also features an optional external layer for essential protection. Plus, it has a holster and a 180 degree revolving belt clip.Universal Sport Rugged PouchBallistic Universal Sport Rugged iPhone 4 PouchUniversal Sport Rugged Pouch is another case from Ballistic which offers another way to protect your beloved iPhone 4.It features a simple open and close with Velcro. It has a very sturdy belt clip and made from durable exterior material.
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If you want to be assured your iPhone is carried in style without compromising fashion, Ballistic will not let you down.You can buy both the HC Series iPhone 4 Case and Universal Sport Rugged Pouch on Ballistic's official website. Get notified when both will be available since the case and pouch are very popular, the two are currently out of stock.INCASE SLIDER IPHONE 4 CASEIncase, known for their tried and tested gadget accessories, offers another superior case. Because of the great success of its Slider Case for iPhone 3/3GS, Incase now made the Slider Case available for your iPhone 4 as well.Incase Slider iPhone 4 Case 2This 2-piece hard shell iPhone 4 case is actually made of tough plastic. It is also fused with soft-touch coating for a better and smoother grip. The case also has rubberized guardrails on its interior to absorb shocks and provide more protection against scrapes and scratches. It does not add too much bulk on your iPhone 4 making it look as sleek as ever.This Slider Case also boasts a Flash Ring around the camera cutout. The purpose of this wonderful feature is to avoid getting blurry or distorted images due to the phone's flash.
cheap jordan shoes for sale in the u s The Flash Ring will definitely improve the quality of your pictures even with the Slider Case on. You will no longer suffer from having unclear photos once again.You can also completely access all your iPhone 4's ports and controls since the cutouts are just precise. The package also comes with a free stand for your viewing pleasure. You can enjoy a landscape viewing of your favorite videos without having to use both of your hands.Incase Slider iPhone 4 Case comes in various metallic colors of Black, White, Grey, Red and Purple. It retails for $34.95 each but Incase has a special offer of taking the ground shipping and handling fees off once you order on their official website.FULL METAL JACKET IPHONE 4 CASEDo you suffer from a serious misfortune of always dropping your precious iPhone 4? Ryan Glasgow has a cure for you. He designed a Full Metal Jacket iPhone 4 Case so you can stop worrying about accidental drops or bumps.
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Full Metal Jacket iPhone 4 CaseThe Full Metal Jacket Case is made of 304 stainless steel body and a fusion of delrin on the edges. It has a fierce appearance that makes your iPhone 4 look as if it is confined in a cage, protected by steel. The stainless steel body absorbs the shocks and protects your iPhone 4 from damages caused by careless drops.This steel case is actually a flip case because it has a lid that opens 180 degrees to access your screen. But there is a small opening on the top portion of the lid to let you see the time or if there are incoming calls. The lid also provides a small tab on the right for easy opening. It also includes a rubber band at the bottom to hush the closing of the steel and to lock the lid if you want.The ports and controls of your iPhone 4 can easily be accessed since the functions are exposed. This metal case only adds minimal bulk to your iPhone 4. There is even a lanyard attachment panel at the top of the case to fasten a cord or lace for other carrying options.Each Full Metal Jacket iPhone 4 Case is carefully crafted by Ryan and priced at $95. You can find more info at Ryan Glasgow's official website.PROPORTA ALUMINUM LINED LEATHER IPHONE 4 CASEAs they say, classic pieces never really get out of style. You can use it for a long time knowing that it would not get outdated.


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