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cable winder and a neck strap

The case is made from durable materials that protect your iPhone 4 from the usual damages that might occur. It is also very lightweight and does not add too much bulk on your iPhone 4. Each case retails for $12.99.Holster Case (#( $12.99 )#)USB Fever Holster iPhone 4 CaseTheir Holster Case has a built-in clip that can be attached to your bag or belt. It has a nice fit on your iPhone 4 and it offers a scratch-free inner lining. This Holster Case for the iPhone 4 retails for $12.99 each.Double Protection Robotic Case (#( $12.99 )#)USB Fever Double Protection Robotic iPhone 4 CaseUSB Fever also has a Double Protection Robotic Case which is actually a combination of a hard interior case and a soft silicone case on the outside that truly provides twice the protection for your iPhone 4.
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It is available in 3 colors and can also be purchased for $12.99 each.Waterwear Case (#( $26.99 )#)USB Fever Waterwear iPhone 4 CaseWATERWEAR is their semi-waterproof case that is made from durable transparent material for you to still access your iPhone 4's screen. It practically protects your iPhone 4 from getting wet due to rain. However, it is not advisable to be soaked or immersed in water while swimming. The package comes with free water-resistant earphones, a cable winder and a neck strap. WATERWEAR retails for $26.99.Bamboo Made Case (#( $26.99 )#)USB Fever Bamboo Made iPhone 4 CaseThe Bamboo Made Case is created from real bamboo which makes it truly environment-friendly. This case is lightweight and fits perfectly well on your iPhone 4. The feel on your hands is also pretty smooth and nice. It is priced at $26.99 each and available only in light brown bamboo color.USB Fever surely has all the kinds of cases you need. You are assured of the quality of each case that you'll buy from USB Fever so check out these wonderful cases on their official website.AGENT18 STYLISH IPHONE 4 CASESAgent18, who makes iPad cases as well, has five (#( 5 )#) iPhone 4 cases in its line.
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With its goal to provide innovative products, Agent18 has come up with different iPhone 4 case to suit the style of diverse personalities.ClearShield iPhone 4 Case (#( $29.95 )#)Agent18 ClearShield iPhone 4 CaseThis case offers all around protection with no added bulk in its form. It is available in two (#( 2 )#) color options (#( frosted clear or vibrant pink )#) and it exhibits the slim design of your iPhone 4 while still defends against the unwanted dirt, debris and dust thanks to its shock-absorbing design.ClearShield is made of long-lasting, polycarbonate material and features a protected side locking slider which lets your iPhone to be completely seen yet fully safe and sound. It gives you complete access to all the functions, buttons and ports.EcoShield iPhone 4 Case (#( $34.95 )#)Agent18 EcoShield iPhone 4 CasePre-order now this environment-friendly case from Agent18. Its sleek design compliments well with its green movement.Made from one (#( 1 )#) recycled plastic bottle and rubber overmolds helps with extra grip and shock-absorption, this iPhone 4 case has a soft touch finish. Its tough material and streamlined design protects your phone from hits and bumps. EcoShield also allows you to use every ports, functionality and buttons.FlowerVest iPhone 4 Case (#( $29.95 )#)Agent18 FlowerVest iPhone 4 CaseIf you want a fashionable defense against scratches and bumps of daily life, FlowerVest is a good choice. Created from sturdy silicone for a no-slip grip handle on the case as well as shock-absorption for protection, this lightweight case repels all kinds of filth and lint.
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Though it offers good protection, it does not add any bulk. You can also access all the controls, switches and ports.HeartVest iPhone 4 Case (#( $29.95 )#)Agent18 HeartVest iPhone 4 CaseHeart has never been out of style, that's why Agent18 has integrated it in the design of their case. Made from silicon cover, it is lightweight just like the rest of the iPhone 4 cases Agent 18 offers.Its main features are basically the same as FlowerVest.ShockBand iPhone 4 Case (#( $19.95 )#)Agent18 ShockBand iPhone 4 CaseAgent18 has a Bumper-like case with its ShockBand. A very minimalist design with great appeal in this form-fitting case, Shockband hugs the corners of your iPhone 4. It fits perfectly and gives protection to the sides of your phone from scratches and bumps.The comfortable textured exterior allows you to grip the case easily. Its raised design helps avoid contacting surfaces. It is available in Pink or clear colors.SGP LEATHER CASE ARGOS FOR IPHONE 4SGP is one of the leading manufacturers of mobile and gadget accessories. They offer a wide variety of cases. One of the iPhone 4 case that stands out is their line of Leather Case Argos.SGP Leather Case Argos iPhone 4 Case 4The Argos is made from high-quality genuine leather.


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