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It is perfect for those who love nature

The interior boasts a hand-crafted wood frame that is smooth and would not cause any scratches and scrapes. Your iPhone 4 fits perfectly on the wooden frame. This wooden frame also allows easy access to the ports and buttons once you open the case. But you can still get into your headphone jack, on/off button and the dock connector even with the cover closed. The sides of the wood are carved with several cut up lines primarily to imitate the pages of a real book. Lastly, there's also a red bookmark at the bottom to complete its over-all look.You can clean this case by simply wiping it with a damp cloth. It will also wear overtime just like an actual book especially on its sides and folds.Pad & Quill's The Little Black Book iPhone 4 Case is available only in Black color. It has an introductory price of $39.99 and can be purchased on their official website.QUIRKY TILT IPHONE 4 CASESince Apple is not willing to refund you for any third-party case you have bought, you must be on the lookout for a better iPhone 4 case. Good thing Quirky has Tilt.quirky tilt iphone 4 caseFrom the makers of Cloak Undercover for the iPad, Quirky is now creating Tilt iPhone 4 case which lives up to its name as the bottom of the case hinges back for portrait and landscape viewing modes. This funky and fresh bumper-style case provides the usual protection for the sensitive edges of your phone.
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The sides can also be pinched for better grip and for cord wrapping.Made from tough plastic material, Tilt has a soft rubber front face with modern design and has precise cut-outs for the ports. Its trouble-free stand snaps at 90 degrees angle to securely hold your iPhone 4 in place – best for watching videos or flicking through photos.Pre-order Tilt iPhone 4 Case now on their official website and save $2 from the MSRP of $30. It is available in classic black or fun white/purple color combination.ILUV NATURE SOFT COATED ULTRA THIN IPHONE 4 CASEWith all the beautiful designs of iPhone 4 cases that iLuv offers, its Nature Soft Coated Ultra Thin Case is something worth noticing. The oriental-looking nature pattern has this soothing effect to the eyes which leaves you feeling more relaxed and happy. It is perfect for those who love nature and earth colors.iLuv Nature Soft Coated Ultra Thin iPhone 4 CaseiLuv Nature Soft Coated Ultra Thin iPhone 4 Case 2iLuv Nature Soft Coated Ultra Thin Case is made from acrylic materials making it thin but durable. Though it is slim, this nature-inspired case protects your iPhone 4 from scratches and scrapes without adding so much bulk. It is also nice to grip and does not easily slip from your grasp.The cut-outs are precisely made as well so you can access your iPhone 4's controls and functions like camera, volume buttons, sleep/wake, dock connect and headphone jack without any difficulties. It also comes with a protective film for further defense against damages.iLuv Nature Soft Coated Ultra Thin iPhone 4 Case is available in Pink, Blue, and Green colors.
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It retails for $29.99 on their official website but more discounts are offered when you buy this colorful floral case on Iphonecase.topfashion.co as it is priced for only $ 16.78.TUCH IPHONE 4 CASE:MINIMALIST LEATHERDesiring to own a one of a kind leather case for your iPhone 4? TUCH has crafted something great just for you. Its leather iPhone 4 Case is very minimalist but it also has its own distinct character that makes it special.TUCH iPhone 4 Case - Color NakedTUCH iPhone 4 Case is made from premium leather that wraps around your phone without any stitches, glue or adhesives. It practically holds itself together which makes it truly an exceptional case. There is nothing to worry though because it is precisely cut to fit and suit the slits to form the case.Another wonderful feature of TUCH Case is that it can also serve as your alternative wallet. It has a slot on one side that can hold up to 3 cards and a few bills. However, inserting less than 3 cards would make it fairly loose and putting more than 3 would make it rather tight.Access to some buttons and ports is still relatively easy. You can get into your on/off button, headphone jack, dock connector and your speakers. But Tuch also promises that you can still operate the volume controls even with the case on. Since this is a slip on case, your touch screen is not accessible.TUCH iPhone 4 Case is available only in 2 colors.
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One is called Naked which is on the cream shade and it is untreated leather that will eventually have a tan effect as it ages. The other is the Obsidian which is simply finished Black leather. It retails for $25 each and can be purchased on their official website.MARWARE CEO PREMIERE IPHONE 4 CASEWith the success of Marware's C.E.O Premiere line for the previous iPhones comes another offering specifically suited for the new iPhone 4. This simple yet elegant holster is perfect for those who want to always keep their iPhone 4 within their reach.marware ceo premiere iphone 4 caseMade from a high-quality leather that is RoHS compliant (#( Restriction of Hazardous Substances )#) making it environment-friendly, too. Marware C.E.O Premiere iPhone 4 case completely protects your phone by exposing only some areas on the sides and the bottom has this large-enough hole to push your iPhone 4 easily out.


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