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Volkswagen AG and

CANBERRA Michael Orozco USA Jersey , Dec. 26 (Xinhua) -- General Peter Cosgrove, former chief of Defense Force, is set to become the next governor-general of Australia, an exclusive report by the Australia newspaper said on Thursday.

Cosgrove, also former commander of the East Timor forces, will serve as governor-general from March 2014 for a five-year term. The formal announcement of the appointment is expected to be made late next month, the newspaper said.

The next governor-general's term will cover the centenary of World War I and the 1915 Anzac landing at Gallipoli, which were both important events for Australian's nation building.

Cosgrove, a Vietnam veteran who became head of army and then chief of Defense Force, has had a distinguished military career, including receiving the Military Cross for bravery in Vietnam.

He has also been involved in sport, business, charity and education since he retired from the army after 40 years' service. He served on the boards of the Australian Rugby Union and Qantas in 2005, was appointed Australian Catholic University Chancellor in November 2010, and has campaigned for Legacy and veterans' affairs.

The Prime Minister's office refused to confirm whether the offer has been made to Cosgrove.

The Queen's approval of the prime minister's recommendation and the formal announcement are due by the end of next month to allow time before the formal retirement of the incumbent Governor- General Quentin Bryce.

Bryce, a former governor of Queensland, was appointed governor- general in 2008 by then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and had her term extended this year to March 2014 by then Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

A collection of 12 beautiful landscapes produced by Qi Baishi (1864-1957), the ink-brush master artist of modern China, grossed 931.5 million yuan ($144 million) at a Beijing auction on Sunday night.

The price set a new record for any piece of Chinese artwork sold at auction worldwide.

The fierce bidding race began at 450 million yuan, and a telephone bidder eventually won this momentum body of Qi's work.

The price also promotes Qi to be the first Chinese artist whose work has been sold for more than $100 million at auction.

In 2010, an 18th-century famille rose rotation porcelain vase made during the reign of Qing Emperor Qianlong fetched 43 million pounds at an auction in London.

Titled Twelve Landscape Screens, each of the paintings is framed in a vertical shaft of 1.8 meters long. Painted in 1925, they each show a lively natural scene with an elegant palette.

When creating the paintings, Qi was inspired by the real natural brilliance that he encountered when traveling extensively across the country in previous years. He blended a homesickness of his native village in Central China's Hunan province with a deep longing for a bucolic life.

Qi gifted this group of landscapes to Chen Zilin, a friend and famous doctor in Beijing at the time. They were afterwards moved to various private collectors.(Agencies)

Volkswagen Group plans to spend 10 billion euros by 2025 to develop and manufacture so-called new-energy vehicles (NEVs), the group's China chief Jochem Heizmann told Reuters on Thursday.

China has set stringent production quotas for NEVs which automakers must meet by 2019, a move that is prompting a flurry of electric car deals and new launches of battery electric and plug-in hybrid models as automakers in China race to ensure they do not fall short.

Volkswagen Group includes Volkswagen AG and Audi AG .

Heizmann said Volkswagen Group is confident that its group companies and their local China joint venture partners are going to be able to generate enough NEV sales volume to account for NEV quotas by 2019 and will not need to buy credits.

A school’s backbone is the principal of the schools. The more the person is standing tall, the more school’s all the requirements and needs would be fulfilled. The school is functionally is dependent upon the principal’s principles. The person is responsible for all the cores of the schools. The school administrations are also under the person and would work accordingly. That is why; a school’s principal has to be the most experienced and skilled and honest (especially) person.

The regulation of any school is up to the principal. The entire teacher community of any particular school is also controlled by the person (Principal). Such are very visible and noticeable duties and responsibilities of principal. But, there are more core responsibilities of the principal which can be noticed if we peek into those functions. A principal is always considered as the real education leader via his democratic foundations and his worth contributions to the school.

As the teachers would be working as per principal’s instructions, that is why; it is up to principal not let all other teachers feel under domination but to act as a real consultant while taking any decision. To let teachers feel equivalent and not to let them down, a principal should use democratic processes and demand for everyone’s opinion and views. The person being posted as principal should have a mind set for always to make or bring constructive and beneficial changes to the educational system. Taking this into account, would like to put light on certain principal’s some other responsibilities:

The supervisory duties of principal: The high school may be classified into two categories and to keep eyes on these, the principal should have supervisory abilities so that the various categories can be fulfilled with their each requirement and at the same time flourish too. Leadership: Frequently endeavor to perk up the in-service efficiency for which he is responsible.

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