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note that it has been beautifully-crafted

Picture perfect fit for your Apple iPhone 4, this case is flexible enough and adequately tough to withstand certain damages with the likes of the scratch, dust, dirt, scrapes, light impact hits plus the daily wear and tear. You got to love this fresh offering from Griffin, the Motif for Apple iPhone 4 retails for just only $19.99! It is very affordable yet sophisticated. You can buy Griffin Motif iPhone 4 Case directly at their official website and for that inexpensive price, there is no way you will go home frowning! You can also purchase it on Iphonecase.topfashion.co for $19.95.BOXY IPHONE 4 CASE:EXOVAULT EXO4Desiring to own a distinctively unique iPhone 4 case that sets you apart from the rest?
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With the success of their previous out-of-the-ordinary cases, EXOvault has announced their new line of special cases for the iPhone 4.exovault exo4 iphone 4 case 4The EXO4 is a boxy type of case that is made from aluminum or brass materials. It is lightweight and very durable. The quality is also exceptional and it is apparent to note that it has been beautifully-crafted to fit perfectly well on your iPhone 4.The design is truly unique especially around the edges. It actually seems that the inspiration of this case was taken from the movie Transformers because of its boxlike shape and patterned edges. It can also be engraved with a beautiful design on the back for a more special look.The case is also hinged with magnetic clasps that would allow easy access for you to be able to quickly put or remove your iPhone 4. Though the material used is hard, it won't cause any scratches or scrapes on your iPhone 4 while inside.
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EXOvault Case for iPhone 4 is available in aluminum which you could choose between plain Silver and Black colors for $ 120 each. However, for only $160, you can already have the aluminum case with the color of your choice including an engraved design on the back. Another great choice is in brass which is available only in plain Bronze color for $135. But the brass case with an engraved design retails for $175. These rare cases can be purchased on their official website.PAD & QUILL THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK IPHONE 4 CASECover your iPhone 4 with a book – literally.Pad & Quill, a family company based in Minneapolis, has crafted a unique iPhone 4 case specifically for your new gadget. It is called The Little Black Book.Pad & Quill The Little Black Book iPhone 4 CaseThe Little Black Book is designed to look like a small, thin journal that can completely protect your iPhone 4. It has leather binding in front and at the back which feels and looks exactly like a small hard-bound book. There is also a vertical elastic wrap on the outside to secure your iPhone 4.This unique book style case for iPhone 4 weighs only 3.1 oz. The interior boasts a hand-crafted wood frame that is smooth and would not cause any scratches and scrapes.
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Your iPhone 4 fits perfectly on the wooden frame. This wooden frame also allows easy access to the ports and buttons once you open the case. But you can still get into your headphone jack, on/off button and the dock connector even with the cover closed. The sides of the wood are carved with several cut up lines primarily to imitate the pages of a real book. Lastly, there's also a red bookmark at the bottom to complete its over-all look.You can clean this case by simply wiping it with a damp cloth. It will also wear overtime just like an actual book especially on its sides and folds.Pad & Quill's The Little Black Book iPhone 4 Case is available only in Black color.


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