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Four miners were rescued

BAOTAI TOWNSHIP Nike Air Force One Low Mens Red Retail Price , SHANDONG PROVINCE, Jan. 29 (Xinhua) -- Four miners were rescued from a collapsed mine in east China's Shandong Province on Friday night after 36 days trapped underground.

The first was pulled out through an access shaft at around 9:20 p.m. He was brought to the surface in a life-saving capsule, amid cheers from the crowd.

The last miner came out of the capsule at around 10:50 p.m.

The four were immediately rushed to hospital, with their eyes protected by blindfold.

The gypsum mine collapsed on Dec. 25, 2015 in Baotai Town, Pingyi County Wholesale Mens Nike Air Force One Low Blue , when 29 miners were working underground.

Eleven miners were saved immediately after the accident. One miner died and 13 others are still missing.

Around 1,000 people have worked around the clock to save the trapped miners, despite difficulties such as falling rocks, unstable geological structure, water outbursts and carbon monoxide leaks.

A rescue expert said the access shaft had been blocked and severely damaged by rocks that weighed dozens of tons.

By far the largest barrier for the rescue was the geological conditions. To reach the miners, the shaft had to be drilled 220-plus meters through limestone Clearance Nike Air Force One Low Mens Black , sandstone and gypsum.

Rescuers also had to be aware of the danger of underground water, which could have flooded the tunnel if the water-bearing stratum was pierced.

To extract the workers, the rescue team drilled two access shafts, one as a backup, using large-diameter drill head. This is the first time that a rescue process such as this has been applied in China, according to the rescue headquarters.

Worldwide this is the third time the technology is being used. In 2010 Nike Air Force One Low Mens Grey Online , 33 Chilean miners were rescued after being trapped underground for 69 days.

More than 600 pieces of equipment, including drills, life detectors and drones, were used in the 36-day search and rescue mission.

The rescue team drilled four small tunnels after the accident and located the four trapped workers. They have been using the tunnels to supply them with food and clothes.

The owner of the mine committed suicide by jumping into a flooded shaft during the earlier days of the rescue. The county's Communist Party chief, government head and two deputy heads were sacked following the accident. In addition, several executives of the mine are under police investigation.

Friday's final rescue operation drew national attention. The national TV network CCTV staged a live broadcast. Social networks were filled with emotional remarks.

"Yinxiaoaiclover Nike Air Force One Low Supreme White Cheap ," a Weibo user, said that "I can not imagine how they survived the 36 days underground."

"Life is priceless. That the government and the people did not give up finally created such a miracle," said Weibo user with the screen name of "tianjiao3027328370."

The four miners have been identified as Guan Qingji, 58; Hua Mingxi,36;Li Qiusheng, 39; and Zhao Zhicheng Nike Air Force One Deconstruct PRM Mens Grey Online , 50.

Cao Qingde, deputy head of the local hospital where the miners were being treated, said the four suffered no major injuries and may join their family for the Spring Festival that falls on Feb. 8.

TIANJIN, Dec. 3 (Xinhua) -- Eleven people have been detained for their role in a fatal fire that left 10 dead and five injured in a residential building in northern China's Tianjin Municipality, according to local authorities Sunday.

The fire broke out on the 38th floor of an apartment building that was under construction in the city's Hexi District at 4:07 a.m. Friday.

Preliminary investigation showed the construction companies drained water from the fire protection water tank without permission, which led to the quick spread of the fire. Construction workers were also illegally staying at the site Nike Air Force One Low PRM Mens Black For Sale , it showed.

A total of 11 people from the real estate company and construction companies have been detained and further investigation continues.

The fire was extinguished at 6:40 a.m. and firefighters said an area of about 300 square meters was damaged.


BEIJING, April 10 (Xinhua) -- Li Yuejiu, China's first men's gymnast world champion, will be inducted into the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame (IGHOF) at a ceremony in Oklahoma City on May 17, the sport's governing body (FIG) said.

Li, 56 Clearance Nike Air Force One Low Premium Mens Black , won the gold medal in men's floor exercise at the 1981 World Championships. His straddled 32 salto sideway, 14 twist to roll forward was named Yuejiu Airspring by the FIG.

The other three inductees of IGHOF Class of 2014 are: Natalia Yurchenko of Russia, 1983 World All-Around Champion, inventor of the Yurchenko vault; Jackie Fie of America, 1956 Olympian, former President of FIG Women's Technical Committee; Klaus Koeste of Germany Nike Air Force One Low 07 Mens Black White Outlet , three-time Olympian, 1972 Olympic vault champion.

""Our goal is to preserve the legacies of these international gymnastics legends, and use their stories of achievement to inspire future generations,"" said Bart Conner, Chairman of the IGHOF board on the official website.

Founded in 1987, the IGHOF was originally located in Oceanside Wholesale Nike Air Force One Mid 07 Black , California. In 1996, it was relocated to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It is the only International Gymnastics Hall of Fame in existence endorsed by the FIG.


LONDON, Dec. 9 (Xinhua) -- Britain's Minister for Women and Equalities, Justine Greening, launched a government online tool Friday to enable women workers to see how far they are behind male colleagues in the gender pay gap.

The online tool, created by the government's Office for National Statistics, enables workers to discover pay levels in a wide range of occupations.

The government's equalities office say eliminating work-related gender gaps in pay could add 190 billion U.S. dollars annually to Britain's GDP by 2025.

"The benefits of helping women to unlock their talents are huge. It is an opportunity that neither government nor b. Cheap Timberwolves Jerseys   Cheap Rockets Jerseys   Cheap Denver Nuggets Jerseys   Cheap Brooklyn Nets Jerseys   Wholesale Mavericks Jerseys   Wholesale Hornets Jerseys   Wholesale Atlanta Hawks Jerseys   Wholesale Memphis Grizzlies Jerseys   Wholesale Clippers Jerseys   Wholesale Celtics Jerseys

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