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E.coli bacteria

E.coli causes sickness, vomiting and bloody diarrhoea, and normally lasts 2-3 days. Serious cases of E.coli can result in death, and you should always seek urgent medical help if you suspect you have contracted the disease on holiday abroad. Causes of E.coli infection include: eating food that has been poorly prepared, particularly undercooked meat (beware the holiday barbecue ? and never eat anything if it is not cooked thoroughly). Drinking contaminated water or untreated milk can also cause E.coli illness, which passes quickly from one person to another.

What is Campylobacter?

Campylobacter is one of the most common forms of bacterial illness on holiday abroad. Holidaymakers abroad can become ill with Campylobacteriosis, and suffer diarrhoea http://www.dolphinsfootballpro.com/Dolp … ck-Jersey/ , stomach cramps and fever for up to 5 days, after exposure, and symptoms may include bloody diarrhoea, sickness and vomiting. Some infected people will not have any symptoms at all, and the illness can be life threatening for people with low immune systems. Campylobacteriosis normally occurs in single, sporadic cases, and can also occur in outbreaks when a large number of people become ill at the same time. Most cases of the illness are associated with handling raw poultry or eating raw, or undercooked meat.

The risks of Salmonella food poisoning

Salmonella is also one of the most common forms of food poisoning on holiday abroad http://www.dolphinsfootballpro.com/Dolp … er-Jersey/ , and many holidaymakers are affected each year, particularly from all-inclusive hotel buffets. Symptoms of Salmonella include diarrhoea, fever, stomach cramps and vomiting, and can last from four days to three weeks.

Salmonella is normally contracted from poorly prepared food, including undercooked food and raw eggs, and it can cause serious illness, or even death. If your holiday hotel demonstrates poor standards of health and hygiene http://www.dolphinsfootballpro.com/Dolp … on-Jersey/ , and if you suspect the food is not thoroughly cooked, don?t eat it and make a complaint to the management as soon as possible.

Bacillus and the symptoms

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