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Owning a car can be a lot of work Joe Hart England Jersey , there are scheduled check-ups, oil changes, summer and winter tires and just regular wear and tear that can happen over time.

Some people treat their car like their baby, constantly looking after it and making sure it looks amazing. But for most people Jamie Vardy England Jersey , they simply don’t have the time or are using their car as a simple mode of transportation rather than a hobby.

Just because your car isn’t your pride and joy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look after it. Here are some of the worst things you can do to your car.

According to a recent study by CarMD, which polled professional mechanics, putting off oil changes is one of the top ten worst things that you can do to your car. Along with neglecting other small repairs, such as replacing the air filter James Milner England Jersey , small issues can snowball into much bigger problems -- like engine failure -- and huge repair bills in the future.

And you should stop doing one thing you're probably doing this winter that you think helps your vehicle: Warming it up. Cars no longer need to be warmed up in the winter, and doing so wastes gas and makes the car more enticing to car thieves. (Because very few people sit inside their car while it's warming up.) Sure, your engine reaches maximum efficiency when it's warm, but modern engines warm up fast enough while driving Jack Wilshere England Jersey , so you don't need to waste time and fuel letting the car sit idle.

Never ever pressure washing a modern car's engine. A grimy engine that runs properly is much better than a clean engine that won't -- which is what you risk if you force jets of water past rubber seals and into the sensitive electronics that are fitted to all modern, computer-controlled engines. There's a reason for the hood (and all those protective coverings). They're there to prevent moisture and contaminants from wreaking havoc with the sensors, wiring harnesses, sending units and other components that like to be sprayed with water about as much as your typical house cat. Excess moisture can short-out electrical parts Jack Butland England Jersey , cause intermittent malfunctions (including stalling for no reason, hard-starting, rough-running) and make dashboard "check engine" light flash (or stay on) for no apparent reason.

One of the worst things you can do is tow an automatic-equipped car with drive wheels down: If you want to destroy your automatic transmission or greatly reduce its service life, a fast way to do it is to allow the vehicle to be towed with its drive wheels down.

Replacing the wheels that came with the car is a popular way to personalize a vehicle. But don't make the mistake of buying "universal fit" wheels that are designed to fit multiple vehicles using shims and "make it fit" bolt patterns. This can be extremely dangerous Harry Kane England Jersey , yet people do it all the time. Automotive wheels are not like generic aspirin; they're very specific to the application -- and it's critical that such things as backspacing and bolt pattern be correct for your particular vehicle. Shims of any kind are an extreme no-no. And don't try and fit metric rims on a car designed for no-metric -- and vice-versa. Before you buy any non-factory wheel for your vehicle, consult the manufacturer to make sure it was designed to fit. Use the correct lug nuts, too. (It's often the case that you must swap them along with the wheels for the changeover to be safe

These are just some of the horrific things you can do to your car. Remember owning a car is a responsibility; make sure you take care of it. Regular maintenance will save you money in the end.

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