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Design plays a crucial role in the look and readability of your personalized stationery. This comes from years of design experience and talent and it sets the tone of your piece. Advanced knowledge of software such as Quark, Photoshop and Illustrator is used to make proofs of the stationery. Too much design can make your letterpress invitation may look too busy and too little can make it plain and lacking. You need to find what works for you.

Once the proof of your stationery is approved, a negative is made and the negative is placed on a light sensitive photopolymer plastic plate, placed under vacuum and exposed to light. After the correct time has elapsed, the plate is washed in water to remove the unexposed material and then dried. Once dry, the plate is exposed again to light to harden the material. The plastic is now hard enough to withstand the pressure of the platen press.

The plate is then cut to size tat will allow it to fit correctly on the milled aluminum base that will used in the press. The plate is attached to the base with adhesive and then the base is locked in the chase. It is then placed in the press. A first impression is taken to begin setting the project for printing. This process can be tedious. The paper is aligned to the correct specification of the proof and then impressions are taken to see and check ink quality, depth of impression and correct alignment.

Once the alignment, ink and pressure quality standards are met the run begins for that one piece. Each piece of the job is then setup in the same way and careful attention is made to maintain ink consistency so all pieces look the same. A typical letterpress wedding invitation of four pieces may take 3-4 hours to print at a leisurely rate. Personalized stationery may take half that time.
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