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The post said that w

By Yu Runze New Jersey Devils Hoodie , Sina English

Beijing Subway authorities are receiving heat from Net users after a post on its official microblog made Sunday morning - and later deleted - implied that the country's capital does not welcome migrant workers.

The post said that when "locusts" commute via Line 10, the subway line becomes a mess due to all the trash they leave behind on trains.

"Though Beijing is praised for its generosity, sometimes low-quality people come and ruin the city, and we just want to say, 'We do not welcome you!'" the post went on to say.

Net user Zhishuming said that Beijing subway authorities should specify that people who litter are not welcome, as it's unfair to assume that all migrant workers litter.

"When they say that Beijing does not welcome you, it sounds like they mean anyone who is a non-local, when in fact they only mean people who throw their garbage everywhere," the Net user said.

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